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The following collections are in our Library:

The Garfield Heights Leader - newspaper archive

Yearbooks - from Garfield Heights High School They date from 1931 to 2006.

We are re looking for additional copies of the Garfield Heights High School yearbooks of any year. If you have a copy that you would be willing to donate, please call our Museum at 216-475-6119 and leave a message, or stop in Saturday afternoons between1:00 and 4:00

Thank You!"

Also, we have duplicate copies of some years which we offer for sale for $5.00 each

We now have copies of the Garfield Heights Leader from 1946 thru 1998 on Flash Drives for sale ($20.00) and on our computer for viewing

CDS Video Cassette and VHS Files of Interviews:

Neil Bowler, former Mayor of Garfield Heights

November 24, 1986   

                                                                          2 copies

Clarence Waltz

May 21, 1987         

                                                                             2 copies

Alfred Vapenik, former Finance Director of Garfield Heights

Interviewed by Norm Braun 

April 20, 1998      

                                                                               4 copies

Scott Meemans

October 16, 1990                                                                                2 copies

Retired G.H. High School Teachers’ Discussion

April 23, 1990    

                                                                                  3 copies

Dr. James Harper, former School Superintendent

March 10, 1992

                                                                                   2 copies

World War II Interviews

--John Kaminski, Gene Niess, Cecil Rebic, Carl Gorman,

   Norm Braun, John J. Burn

June 5, 2004 

                                                                                       2 copies

Phyllis Hummel, retired educator


                                                                                                   3 copies

James Wm Chalker of Garretsville by L. Troyer                                  

November 3, 1986

Display at Antenucci Home, 5387 E. 111 with Tom Beres

1981-1987 Alfred Antenucci, National Hero in the attempted

assassination of President Ronald Reagan

Maria Antenucci Interview Channel 3


Tour of three floors of the G. H. Historical Museum narrated by

Norm Braun, Gene Niess, Loria Lenarduzzi and Maria Antenucci

July, 2008 (each floor on separate DVD disk)                                     

2 copies ea 


Al Butterfield relating story of his uncle WWII hero Wm. Reese

November 22, 2008

                                                                            2 copies

Knuth – Kyoto Award – Gold Medal Award for Math

Visit to Japan          5 CDS


Norman “Bud” Rahe (1990-1994)

Oral G. H. History (various subjects)           8 CDS   


Norma Kopper – G.H. History – 1985

Clarence Waltz – G.H. History – March 19, 1985 


Lillian Peters of Peter’s Bakery – Oct. 7, 1985  

                                  2 copies

Various Narrators – Lolly Trolley at Home Days Tour G.H.

August 8, 1996 Tapes A & B


Dr. Marsalek discusses Old Brooklyn -- June 9, 1988

  Zverina – Log House – September 4, 1989                                       

     “                “                Date ?                                                        

     “            Signers of Declaration of Independence Date?                   

     “             River Cruise – August 10, 1989

Greg Paine – “This Is Cleveland” slide lecture -- Sept. 8, 1989

Sam Lane – A Summit County Sheriff 1892 – March 31, 1989

Garfield Heights Metro Park Dedication with Lou Tsipis and

Mayor Thomas Longo -- July 28, 1986

Ohio Canal History – July 30,1989

Rose Weed’s Funeral – February 28, 1997


Lou Horvath audio taping Norm Braun interviewing Ruth Marzec

Date ?

Mayor T. Longo’s Inaugural Speech – November, 1993

Christmas Lighting and Music – November, 1993

Dedication of G. H. Civic Center – December 2, 1990

James A. Garfield – October 20, 1991

Bill Schirmer Musical Rendition “The Prophet” various songs

Date ?

Video (VHS) of Special Events

Swearing-In of Mayor Thomas Longo and Tree Lighting – 1993

Tour of Fire Station on McCracken Road & Turney,-- 1994

Lighting Ceremony – 1995  

G. H. Little Theater production of Camelot, Acts I and II.

G. H. Swearing-in Ceremony – 1994

G. H. Roosevelt Community Center Discussion of Black History

In Garfield Heights – November 15, 1991


WKYC-TV “Today at Sunrise” – G.H. Historical Museum featured

October 20, 1999

Ground Breaking Ceremony of new G. H. Civic Center

March 29, 1989

G. H. Home Days 1996


G. H. Tree Lighting Ceremony – 1996

G. H. Historic Marker “German Corners”

October 14, 2002

G. H. Class of  1937 and 1942

Garfield:  A Place in History (59 minutes)

Genealogy Seminar by Norm Braun 2007

C-Span Archives “Life Portrait of James Garfield”

February 8, 2000

Garfield Park Clean Up – November, 1986

G. H. Christmas Parade

G. H. Skating Program

Space Cable on Garfield Heights (4-1/2 minutes) – July, 1983

Videos (VHS) Miscellaneous Topics:

South High Honor Roll Presentation – 1996

St. Andrew Eastern Orthodox Church in Maple Heights

August 25, 1968

Hungarian Tapes:  “Lilli Barono”

                              “Szabin Las Elrabzassa”

Punderson Lake Documentary by Lou Horvath

Maple Heights “Then and Now” M. H. Historical Society

June 27, year?

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